Southwest of Brussels is a gently sloping landscape called Pajottenland. Where this area slowly turns into the flat East Flemish Kouters, Roosdaal lies. Upon entering Roosdaal one is immediately immersed in that very special Pajot feeling.

Still free from mass tourism and industry, Pajottenland is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. The variety in the landscape along winding roads always creates spectacular panoramas. In the middle of Pajottenland you can find the quiet Roosdaal where Gastenhof Ter Lombeek will warmly welcome you to our versatile pampering spot. From this cosy guest house you can explore the area. There is a lot to discover in the Pajottenland & the Zennevallei and there is something for everyone!

Photography: Pajottenland & Zennevallei: Warandepark

Look for nature, for example. Discover our many unique paradise spots. You will also notice our many attractions; and there is plenty of choice: picturesque churches, imposing castles, educational museums or authentic windmills. We also have breweries, farms and artisanal producers here in abundance. Finally, there is also enough room for relaxation. Do you want to be pampered in one of our wellness centres? Or do you want to enjoy a hot air balloon ride, a wagon ride or a boat trip? Do the children still want to head to the playground? The possibilities are endless!

Anyone looking for the name ‘Roosdaal’ in the history books will come back empty-handed. The name Roosdaal has only existed since 1964 when the villages of Pamel, Strijtem and OLV-Lombeek were merged into one municipality. They were later joined by Borchtlombeek. From then on, the four of them were symbolically brought together in Roosdaal’s coat of arms, which features four roses. One for each district.

Traditionally, mainly small fruits are grown here. The strawberries and raspberries which are grown here are known far and wide.

Places of interest in Roosdaal:

  • Saint Martin’s church
  • Chapel of the Seven Beeches
  • Zeppos mill

In our district there are a number of walks which are signposted with hexagonal signs.
In addition, part of the Pajottenland Hiking Network also runs through our area.